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Michelle is a mobile practitioner and provides her services at home, at school, or at a location that is suited to you. She welcomes clients with self-managed and plan-managed NDIS plans.


Prior to intervention, Michelle conducts standardized assessments and sets measurable goals with clients. She believes in working in a professional but still nurturing environment
where each client is fully engaged in their therapy and choices.


Hands-on Physiotherapy

As part of treatment, Michelle may administer musculoskeletal treatment techniques to assist with the attainment of functional goals and/or to help manage pain. She chooses the specific treatment techniques to align with the individual client’s goals, recognising the important role that the client's intentions and motivations play in attaining and maintaining results.

Hands-on interventions may include:

  • Myofascial trigger point therapy

  • Joint manipulation and mobilisation

  • Massage

  • Neuromuscular stretching

  • Assisted active exercise

Individualised Programs

Michelle provides individualised programs for all of her clients. Programs may support injury prevention and rehabilitation, the development of new motor skills, the improvement or maintenance of existing skills and abilities, and participation in sporting, social and community events. They may also assist with:

  • Balance and co-ordination training

  • Postural control training

  • Core stability and back strengthening

  • Post-operative rehabilitation



Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Michelle's holistic approach has expanded to include Telehealth consultations. Telehealth consultations have proven to be very effective in the management of various physical conditions and have ensured that progress has not had to slow down for anyone during this pandemic, including those who have had to self-isolate, those who have been in quarantine, and those for whom in-person consultations have not been safe or possible.

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