Update March, 2020

As school returns, our Telehealth services will be continuing and we will be assessing, with clients, what is best on a case-by-case basis.

Our mission is to ensure that everyone's progress towards their physical and developmental goals can be maintained during this time.

Update March, 2020


We are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic and following the advice of the Department of Health and the Australian Physiotherapy Association to ensure the safety of our clients and the community at large.  Following the Minister for Health, Greg Hunt's, latest announcement we will continue to offer in-person consultations where it is best for clients and safe to do so.

  • Please do not book in-person consultations if you are displaying cold or flu symptoms.

    And please inform us if: 

  • You or someone that you have been in contact with has recently been diagnosed with COVID-19;

  • You have recently travelled overseas;

  • Have received medical advice that you should remain in quarantine.


We have completed COVID-19 training and are taking the following steps to protect you and the wider community:

  • Adhering to social distancing recommendations of at least 1.5 m where possible. This involves guiding parents/carers to work through passive assisted exercises with children;

  • Wearing masks on request;

  • Regularly sterilising surfaces to avoid transmission through 'fomites' (objects such as phones, taps, pens, door handles, keypads etc. that have been contaminated with the virus).

  • Practising advised hygiene and infection prevention measures, including regularly washing hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, regularly applying hand sanitiser, coughing and sneezing into tissues which are then disposed of (or into elbows, if tissues are not available), and closely monitoring the environment for symptoms of COVID-19 (if symptoms are present we will provide the person with a surgical mask and ask them to present to their GP or Emergency Department immediately, after phoning ahead to warn them that they are coming).


If you are self-isolating, in quarantine, or if in-person consultations are not possible for you, we are using PhysiTrack telehealth software to provide video consultations, online exercise programs and live exercise demonstrations. Physitrack is encrypted software that is specifically designed for physiotherapy and is endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA). It is both safe and stable. We have developed a concise user guide for clients to assist them with this transition.

Update January, 2020

On Wednesday the 22nd of January, 2020 there will be a free Race Running 'Come 'n' Try Day' at Woden Athletics Track. The event will run from 5.30-6.30pm and experienced coaches will be available for support.

This will be a great event to learn about ongoing Race Running events in Canberra. You can register and find out more by emailing development@actlaa.org.au.

As below, if you are interested in the Race Runner, have a look at some of the RaceRunner's features in this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3O-Ll1TntQ

Update 25th June, 2019

Michelle is the ACT member of the Australian RaceRunning Committee. The RaceRunner allows athletes with disabilities to participate in a wider range of sports, and increases their freedom to move, run and compete in a balanced and supported way.

If you are interested in the Race Runner, please get in contact or, in the meantime, have a look at some of the RaceRunner's features in this clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3O-Ll1TntQ

NDIS Update 30th August, 2017

In order to keep our focus on clinical work, we will not be operating as an NDIS provider from the 1st of December, 2017. Our clients will be able to receive services with us as private clients or as NDIS recipients who are self-managed or plan-managed, and we are happy to assist those that do not fit into either of these categories to work out their options and/or find other providers.

As always, the mission of this practice is to achieve the best possible physical and developmental outcomes for our clients.

Update: 28th June, 2017

We have a few very exciting announcements this month.

Firstly, Michelle will be out of office from the 10th - 26th July as she is attending, and presenting her research at, the IAFOR International Conference on Global Studies in Spain.

Georgia, Allison and Riley will have increased hours and flexibility whilst Michelle is out of office to ensure that progress does not slow down. Also, Bethany Eyers of 'Step Together Physiotherapy' will be available for emergencies.

And lastly, Riley has completed his degree in Exercise Physiology and Rehabilitation and we look forward to having him work as an Exercise Physiologist with us at MEDP. Allison, too, is nearing the end of her degree in Physiotherapy and we are very confident that the high level of education that Allison, Georgia and Riley have completed, as well as their lovely natures, will be evident in their work and the results that they produce.

Update: 2nd June, 2017

Whilst the NDIS enters another phase of recovery we are doing all we can to assist clients and their families, and to remain flexible.

We ask that you please notify us of any changes to NDIS plans so that we can continue to provide our best service and complete the appropriate administration.

Update: 25th March, 2017

We would like to belatedly draw attention to the amazing accomplishments of our four wonderful athletes who completed the Weetbix Try-athlon in February. Below we have featured photos of one of those athletes alongside his buddy, Georgia, who works with him on a regular basis through MEDP.
















Update: 10th January, 2017

The MEDP staff hope that everyone has had a happy new year. We are doing everything we can to ensure that the progress being made in therapy will continue into 2017.

We would like to note that the practice is currently running at full capacity, and whilst potential new clients are welcome to leave their details for our waiting list, it may be a matter of months until we are able to provide service.

To our existing clients, in order to provide our best service we ask that you please email Michelle well in advance to book your appointments and to always email if you are unsure of booking details.

Michelle is currently working out of Wattle Street Medical Practice and is limiting home visits to those who cannot travel.

As always, Michelle and Magdalen are available by email during business hours.

Update: 1st July, 2016

MEDP has been closely monitoring all of the changes to the NDIS over this June/ July period.

Magdalen will be available over the weekend (2nd and 3rd of July) to answer any questions about how these changes will affect the operation of MEDP and to renew service agreements and make arrangements with those who want to make service bookings with Michelle.

*Currently the myplace site has some problems and we are not able to use all of the features. However, we have contacted the NDIS and the site will become fully operational soon.

Update: 13th May, 2016

Michelle will be out of office from the 20th of May until the 20th of June this year as she is attending the 'International Conference on Cerebral Palsy and other Childhood-onset Disabilities' in Stockholm.

This conference is jointly the 5th International Conference on Cerebral Palsy, the 28th Annual Meeting of the European Academy of Childhood Disability (EACD), and the 1st Biennial Meeting of the International Alliance of Academies of Childhood Disability (IAACD).

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal and Ngambri people as the First Australians upon whose lands we work and live.

We acknowledge and pay our respect to their continuing cultures which are among the oldest continuing cultures in human history. 

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